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Why is Archaeology important

Christian Archaeology


Archaeology has been instrumental in apologetics and providing historical evidence for the accuracy and reliability of the Bible. Josh McDowell (one of my visiting professors at Biola University and author of More Than a Carpenter) notes that Twentieth-century archaeological discoveries have confirmed the accuracy of the New Testament manuscripts. Sir Walter Ramsey (1851-1939), one of the greatest archaeologists in history and expert on the New Testament at first harboured doubt on the accuracy of the New Testament especially the book of Acts.  However, after years of intense archaeological exploration in Asia Minor and the Middle East he concluded that the book of Acts was accurate to the minutest details and opined, “Luke [author of Acts] is a historian of the first rank . . . This author should be placed along with the very greatest of historians.”

I will be updating this section with exciting discoveries in the world of archaeology, which continue to confirm and affirm the accuracy and reliability of both the Old and New Testaments. In the meantime please google this article, “How Jesus died: Ancient crucifixion victim offers new clues”