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Proof that God and Christ Exist!

Christian Apologetics


“Apologetics” is from the Greek word, apologia, which simply means the defense of the Christian faith. It usually encompasses science, archaeology, Biblical reliability and inerrancy.             1 Peter 3:15

My Faith

God  gave us proof, we need to look for it

  I became a Christian later in life as a practicing trial attorney and for several years I had questions concerning the accuracy and authenticity of the Bible including other  Christian claims.  You could say that my analytical skills and evidentiary training as a lawyer compelled me to “cross-examine” Christianity.  So the journey began and several years later I am now in the graduate program at Biola University in the field of Apologetics.

Giving Back


  I sincerely hope Beyond Boundary Ministry blesses you with the proof and reassurance that our Lord and Savior really exist and will help lead unbelievers to God through our Lord, Jesus Christ. I am available for lectures and small and large group presentations in the greater New Orleans area. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for my ministry, Valerie and myself as we pursue our mission to spread the true Word of Christ through Christian Apologetics.


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